Bookmark It Table3When my son was in elementary school, he was bullied and no one was there to help him. That’s why I wrote my kids fantasy book, Clifton Chase and the Arrow of Light. Bullying is not a new thing and it doesn’t just occur between kids. In my book, Clifton Chase is dealing with the school bully and failing miserably until he is magically whisked away to Medieval England. There, he helps two forgotten princes face their tyrant uncle while being guided by a dwarf named Dane and a mythical creature called Simurgh.

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Through discovering the true meaning of friendship and the courage to do what’s right, Clifton discovers his purpose, rescues the princes, and stands up to his own bully. Everyday kids can stand up for themselves, just like Clifton Chase. Through a fantasy adventure story filled with mermaids, dragons, and magic, truth is discovered and bullies never win! (Like Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, or Chronicles of Narnia).

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My debut novel Clifton Chase and the Arrow of Light is available CliftonChase_6x9_FullCoverFINAL_Ebookthrough Amazon or you can order an autographed copy here. See what others are saying here. The audiobook published by Beacon Audiobooks is available here. A novel study guide correlates with the book in 5 chapter segments. With Common Core and Florida Standards outlined in each section, it’s perfect for both traditional and home school environments. The study guide is available in both workbook and PDF format, with permissions to duplicate in classroom settings. I’m available for class visits and speaking engagements. Awarded a BRAG Medallion of Excellence in 2015 and listed as a Top Ten Book in 2014 by Kid Lit Books.


The Dredge is my award winning novella that tells the story of a boy born with  supernatural gifts who could be the long awaited prophet. But a girl with deceitful intentions will risk it all for his secret, a dark science fiction story with magic and mayhem that deals with bullying and manipulation.The_Dredge_Cover_for_Kindle

Sean Marrok lives in the Dredge under the controlling thumb of the Regime. His powers to see things before they happen give him the edge to win a two-million to one bet. But, at what cost? Framed for destroying Regime property, Marrok finds himself on a commuter ship to the prison on Roan which gets ambushed, landing at the secret base of the Network. There Marrok again runs into Ambrosia, the exotic woman who believes he is destined to be the Savior of the people, and Chantelle, the charmer who saves his life…again. Will Marrok see what’s to come? Or will his third eye be blinded by his own decisions?


DREADLANDS_Preorder Cover

Dreadlands is a YA fantasy adventure that will release on 4/22/16, the night of the full moon. Pre-orders will be available beginning on 1/22/16, with monthly “Full Moon” specials until the release.

With a grandmother who is unnatural, an anxious mother, and a missing father, Arud’s family tree is rooted in secrets.

(Cover Reveal Date: March 10th, 2016)

Leif Erikson abandoned the settlement in Labrador, Canada, when the ferine attacked and murdered his small crew. A band of families stayed behind to rebuild. Now, the Wolf Moon approaches, a single night when the ferine’s binds to the Dreadlands are broken, freeing them to hunt. But when one appears beneath Arud’s window, his mother rushes him off, urging him to take care of his sister whose sickness grows worse. His world is shaken and family deceptions unravel, when Arud learns his sister may be the key in a century old prophecy. The stakes are raised, and getting safely to the city in the sea becomes more than a quest. It becomes survival.

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18 thoughts on “ABOUT”

  1. Hello,
    It is my honor and privilege to nominate your blog for the Awesome Blog Content Award. If you already have the award, please excuse my mistake and accept the nomination as a sincere statement of my appreciation for your excellent work.
    I posted the requirements for the award on my website: http://garryrogers.com. They are in the second post on my home page.

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  2. Jaimie. Wonderful site you’ve produced. I sincerely wish you all the success the world has to offer with you next novel, “Dreadlands.” Keep them coming.


  3. Jaimie…..SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! This site looks AMAZING!!! I have not had a chance to read Clifton Chase but its next in line of the books that I want to read!!! I know that its going to be good…not just because Jason has read it but because you wrote it!! I can’t wait to read the next book!! Can’t wait to see you again!! Keep it up girl!!!

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  4. Hi, Jaimie! It was great meeting you at the NESCBWI conference (I was your volunteer asst.)! I wanted to give you a bit of feedback on “Clifton Chase & the Arrow of Light.” Let me preface this by saying that my12 year old son is an avid reader and is VERY particular about his chapter books… I gave him your book on Wed. after school when we returned home and he finished it before school this morning (Friday) – every night telling me, “Mom! THIS is a GREAT book!”…”Mom! I love this book! She needs to write a sequel to this book!”… “Tell her to write a sequel… It NEEDS a sequel!!!”… This went on repeatedly for both days. So for the love of all things holy and good… PLEASE write a sequel to this book!!! …I hope this makes your day. :)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OMG!!! That is the most amazing thing I’ve ever read. Thank you!! Could you please ask him to write that review on Amazon if he hasn’t? And send me a pic with him holding the book so I can post it. That is the coolest!! I am on to the sequel this summer. Working on two books right now, then it’s Clifton time! Thank you for the awesome comment…


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