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Jaimie Engle is an award-winning author of fantasy, horror, and science fiction books from the Space Coast of Florida. Her passion is talking to kids about writing and social issues because words have power. Her first novel, an anti-bullying fantasy adventure, was written after her own son was bullied in school. She took him to archery club, where she imagined a stalking dwarf seeking a magic arrow. Clifton Chase and the Arrow of Light was born. Since then, Engle has published several award-winning books and spoken to tens of thousands of kids across the country about their part in bullying.

“Jaimie is willing to come out to your class and tell her story of how Clifton developed into a story and the tenacity it took to get the book published. She can bring books which she will also autograph when students purchase them. While visiting at Quest Elementary School, Jaimie read aloud from the book along with my students. Everyone took a character parts (like Reader’s Theatre) which thoroughly engaged my gifted students who begged us to “just read one more chapter together.”
–Susan Reiter, gifted resource teacher, Quest Elementary School

Engle is available to speak in your classroom or event. Her programs for the 2016-2017 school year are listed under the “Author Visits” tab. She is insured throughout the state of Florida and her programs are both Common Core & Florida State Standards aligned. A curriculum guidebook is available for educators to correlate with her Clifton Chase novel.

“We had Jaime at our school and she put on her “Win Lose or Draw with Words” program for our 3rd-6th grade students during a Family Night event. They loved her and didn’t want to stop. I highly recommend her if you’re looking for an author visit.”
–Lee Alonso, Media Specialist, Roosevelt Elementary School

Engle is also available to speak with your writing group. She teaches workshops throughout the country on the process and business of writing. Her company A Writer For Life has more information if you’d like to hire Engle for your conference. Check out her calendar for speaking engagements near you. Don’t see one? Fill out the form below to make your request.

“Mrs. Engle taught my son in a high school writing and literature class. She is an amazing teacher! She relates well to all ages with her excellent sense of humor, and communication abilities. Jaimie is gifted in the area of writing, and is a great source of inspiration and guidance in this process.”
–Beth Meggs, homeschool mom and artist

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Writing Program Proposal

Contact: Jaimie Engle |  | |

Presentation Summaries for small or large groups:

  1. The Power of Words in Life & Literature: Engle uses her novel Clifton Chase & the Arrow of Light to demonstrate the correlation between world building and building others up. Students will leave with a clear understanding of the types of bullying and how they can use fiction to find solutions to their problems. Grades 3-6th graders. (45 minutes)
  2. Finding Ideas & Writing Your Story: Engle uses her novels The Dredge & Dreadlands to explain how she creates her novels from ideas that are well researched and outlined to various degrees. While fiction based, students will leave with a clear understanding of the connection between ideas, research, and planning prior to writing. Grades 6th-12th graders. (45 minutes)
  3. Story Time: Engle reads the condensed version of Clifton Chase and the Arrow of Light to classrooms and leads students in a discussion on bullying. Grades K-2 (45 minutes)
  4. Family Night: After an introductory presentation about the process of writing her novel, from the idea to publication, Engle encourages families to interact in a fun game of win-lose-or-draw with book titles and-or Live Mad Libs. The focus on the power of words through image will strengthen the message from the morning presentation while providing an entertaining night. Reading and book signing to follow. (60-120 minutes)

Equipment Needed:

  • A screen and projector
  • A computer with access to Google Plus
  • A room that can be darkened is helpful, but not necessary
  • Speakers and a microphone if size of room necessitates

Number of Sessions per day:

Schools may book up to six sessions if lunch is provided and one family night.


$125.00 per session

(+ applicable travel, hotel, meals if outside of Brevard County)

Special Note:

Students will be able to purchase copies of the book in advance for author to sign. Author is fingerprinted through the state and carries the necessary vendor insurance. If you are interested in having Jaimie visit your school, library, bookstore, or other organization, contact her at for availability or fill out the form below.

FS-Common Core Standards Taught:

In Health Education Promotion under Responsible Behavior, grades 2-6.

In Visual Arts under Organizational Structure, grades 2-6.

In Geography: SS.3.G.2.6, SS.5.G.1.1, SS.6.W.1.5

In Language Arts: LAFS.3.RL.1.3, LAFS.4.RL.1.1, LAFS.5.RL.3.7, LAFS.6.SL.2.5
Credit cards are welcome. Please make all checks payable to
A Writer For Life.


My books are meant to inspire, empower, and educate through fantasy and science fiction worlds. You can buy now on Amazon or get a signed copy at


  • Clifton Chase and the Arrow of Light is about a boy from Melbourne who is dealing with a bully. A magic arrow sends him back to Medieval England, where he rescues two princes from their tyrant uncle. With the help of a dwarf, a mermaid, and a mystical bird, it’s the perfect book for lovers of Percy Jackson, Narnia, and Harry Potter. Ages 8+ (Awarded the BRAG Medallion of Excellence in 2015; Top Ten Books of 2013 by Kid Lit Reviews)
  • Clifton Chase and the Arrow of Light the coloring book is a condensed story version.
  • The Dredge is about a boy who can see things before they happen, and a girl who wants to steal his secrets to rise in the ranks of their society, the perfect book for lovers of the Divergent Series, Hunger Games Trilogy, and Star Wars saga. Ages 10+ (Awarded the Writer’s of the Future Award in 2014)
  • Dreadlands: Wolf Moon is about a Viking boy who must lead his sister across the realm of Vithalia before the full moon rises, and releases the ferine (arctic shifting wolves) from the Dreadlands, the perfect book for lovers of Twilight, Teen Wolf, and Icefall. Ages 10+



My Kids Were Both Bullied in Schools

I won’t let it happen to yours!

When my son was in first grade, he was bullied and no one was there to help him. That’s why I wrote my first book. I grew up letting people push me around and I didn’t want to see my son make my same mistakes. Bullying is not a new thing, and it doesn’t just occur between kids. In my award-winning book, Clifton Chase and the Arrow of Light, Clifton is dealing with the school bully and failing miserably until he is magically whisked away to Medieval England. There, he helps two forgotten princes face their tyrant uncle while being guided by a dwarf named Dane and a mythical creature called Simurgh. Through discovering the true meaning of friendship and the courage to do what’s right, Clifton discovers his purpose, rescues the princes, and faces his own bully. Everyday kids can stand up for themselves, just like Clifton Chase. Through a fun story filled with mermaids, dragons, and magic, truth is discovered and bullies never win!

Mission Statement: With #everykidsvoice we can #targetbullying and stop it!

Book Jaimie M. Engle, award-winning author and national speaker to discuss…

  • Cyber- and school bullying
  • The difference between teasing and being stern
  • How not to be a victim of bullying
  • Helping kids to talk about their fears and to each other

Jaimie M. Engle Guest Expert Interview Credentials

  • Actively surrounded with students and youth through teaching and volunteer work to gauge the degree of bullying in the schools and how students deal with it.
  • Freelance writer for Space Coast Living Magazine, Aldia Today Bilingual Newspaper, and Viera Voice Magazine
  • Works closely with Brevard County Elementary and Middle School students and teachers to promote literacy and anti-bullying endeavors, including the Future Problem Solvers club
  • Conference Speaker and Instructor with the Empower 500 Symposium, Space Coast Writer’s Guild, and the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators
  • Regular volunteer through the Brevard and Orange County Library Systems offering free writing seminars to adults and youth
  • Private homeschool tutor and class instructor
  • Published author of children’s books, short stories, teacher’s guide and audiobook
  • Owner, A Writer For Life, an editing and publishing company for aspiring writers


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LinkedIn | Google+ @jaimiengle

Articles & Books Published


Prior Event Presentations

  • 2017 SpaceCoast Book Lovers “Keynote Speaker” – Florida
  • 2016 Authors in the Park “Keynote Speaker” – Florida
  • 2016 Florida Writers Association “Writing for Children” –Florida
  • 2016 Authors for Authors “Excellence in Publishing” –Florida
  • 2016 A Writer For Life “The Marketing Series” –Florida
  • 2015-2017 Eastern Florida State College “Writing Sessions” – Florida
  • 2015 NESCBWI Conference, “Your Book as a Business” – Massachusetts
  • 2015 Holocaust Museum, “A Mother’s Journey Through Bullying” – Florida
  • 2014 SCBWI Conference, “Your Book as a Business” – Florida
  • 2014 SCWG Conference, “Writing For Children is a Business” – Florida
  • 2013 500 Teacher’s Symposium, “The Business of Publishing” – Florida

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