The Woe’s of Self-Published Books

I just read a wonderful blog about self-publishing. Here’s the link:

Many fiction authors do not have any form of delayed gratification when it comes to their own work and the end goal becomes publication rather than excellence. It saddens me, because the story may be great, but the delivery is so poor that the book will fall through the cracks.

I have yet to read a self-published book that matches the quality of a traditionally published one. I am not saying they aren’t out there, I just think they are like finding a needle in a haystack at this point.

But, if you care to differ, or have a project you’d like to challenge me with, I would love to read your book that you self-published. The day may come when I decide to self-publish my own books, but I will not release them to the public until I have scrutinized them to the point of perfection. Only when I feel that my writing and story have reached a level equal to a novel like The Hunger Games will I spend the money to publish and market my own work.

And today, my stuff is nowhere near ready!

Post your thoughts or comments. Would love some feedback…

The Woe’s of Self-Published Books

4 thoughts on “The Woe’s of Self-Published Books

  1. Though it is true that there is a portion of self published book that are not edited to near perfection, I can tell you, that there are many self published book at least in the YA category (for which I write) that are sometimes better edited than those that are published by Trad Publishing houses. If you like YA Fantasy, Raine Thomas has two awesome series out. Daughters of Saraqael and the First born Trilogy. If you would like to check out other titles, you can tweet at me or message me on Facebook 🙂 I can honestly say that many of the self published authors that I know invest in Editors and proof readers, as well as professional designers for their book covers. Their books are excellent.


    1. Thank you so much for this. I am so frustrated with the quality, or lack there of, in every single self-published book I’ve read to date. I know it’s a great opportunity and a fresh market, but I’m afraid to dip my toe in the water for fear of it getting bitten off!
      I will check out the author and books you suggested.
      Again, thank you!


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