Featured Artist – Author David Toft

I had the privilege of meeting author David Toft this week and he is my next featured artist.

Toft is an English born writer of fantasy and paranormal fiction for adults, now living in Ireland. His first six novels are all available in paperback ($11.95) and ebook ($7.50) from American publisher Wings ePress, www.wings-press.com/Author%20Pages/Author%20-%20David%20Toft.htm, and also from Amazon and B&N.

ENGLE: How long have you been writing books?

TOFT: I’ve been writing books with the aim of having them published for over twenty years, but I’ve been inventing stories and playing with words ever since I mastered the art of joined-up writing.

ENGLE: Why do you choose the genres you choose to write in?

TOFT: They chose me, I think. I don’t have the love of research you need to write, say, historical fiction, and I love to let my imagination run free, unrestrained even by the laws of physics.

ENGLE: How many stories have you written to date and what are you currently working on?

TOFT: Apart from my six published books, I have a memory stick full of opening chapters, short stories and snippets that I dig into occasionally. I’m currently working on a paranormal fiction trilogy in which an Irish publisher has shown some interest. With a bit of luck and a following wind, volumes one and two will be available next year.

ENGLE: What advice would you offer a fledgling writer that you have learned on your writing journey?

TOFT: Believe in yourself, and never, ever, give up.

ENGLE: If you could be a Muppet character Which would you be and why?

TOFT: God, it’s years since I last saw The Muppets. I remember feeling an affinity for Gonzo the Great, or was it The Great Gonzo? As I remember it, he was always aiming for that one really big one, always falling flat on his face, but always, always, getting up and trying again. See previous question.

Toft has offered to give away two autographed copies of his novel Ishtal. The books will be given to two people who post  to this article then share that post on one of their social networks (facebook, twitter, website, etc.) Be sure to include the social link in your comment. Contest will run until September 12th and two winners will be chosen at random and announced by September 14th.

***(Congratulations to the winners Sean and Zoe! Keep your eyes open for their review of the book in a future post!)

Featured Artist – Author David Toft

2 thoughts on “Featured Artist – Author David Toft

  1. Sean McLaughlin says:

    What I like about this author is his statement about how he just lets his muse direct him without having to do research. I can see strains of myself in him. To let imagination and wonder take over, especially when writing books for kids, is paramount. I also have snippets and plots galore stored in the “My Prose” folder of my computer, which I have yet to complete… Writer’s block is a serious issue with me and I still don’t know why, though I suspect I will have to admit to a scientific element: ADD. However, his statement to aspiring writers to “never give up” is something I also have and why, after so many years of trying to finish a book, I still have the fire burning within. I’d love to read one of his books. Perhaps I’ll get some inspiration there and finally finish one of my works. Thanks for the great interview!


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