eFiction Noir Released w/my Story Published!

It’s out…released…hit the eStands: eFiction’s Noir Edition featuring my story, Crossroads.


Detective Charlie Reardon can’t figure out who is murdering women in his small town of Hartington in Northeastern Nebraska. The year is 1948, and a terrible blizzard starts, one that will be called the worst in Nebraska’s history. The bodies pile with the snow. The connection is clear. They were all close to Charlie. But, is there more to it than meets the eye? What else is hidden inside the storm?


A light snow was falling as Charlie Reardon left the diner and made his way down Madison Street. He shivered in the November air, pushing bare hands deeper into stretched overcoat pockets. Gray eyes bore ahead protected from the elements by the brim of a well-worn fedora.

“Hey, Chuck. You looking for some company?”

Charlie passed Doris, numb to her charm. Her blonde hair curled from beneath a Russian fur hat like down, her full-length minx hid long legs he knew too well.

“Not tonight, Doris.”

She pressed over to him, her four-inch heels tapping across the pavement, and linked arms. “What’s the matter, baby? Don’t you want me to keep you warm?”

“No,” Charlie said, shaking free. “I said not tonight.”

“Suit yourself,” Doris said, swinging curved voluptuous hips as she shimmied away…

For more, pick up a copy for ONLY $2.99 at http://www.efictionmag.com/shop/

Thanks for your support. Please post if you pick up one and let me know what you think!

eFiction Noir Released w/my Story Published!

4 thoughts on “eFiction Noir Released w/my Story Published!

  1. Sean McLaughlin says:

    Sounds like I got hooked! I recall a movie with a similar theme, something about a storm that brought weird stuff to a town. But I know your story has a twist to it. Not to mention, I’m starting to wonder what the hey Charlie was thinkin’ by turnin’ away that hot gal… I’ll be gettin’ myself a copy to find out! Sean


  2. rodkok says:

    Jaimie, I loved the story. The ending totally took me by surprise…pleasantly. Your way with words in this story is incredible, you totally dragged me into the story. The description of the storm on page 8 is a bit weak (an inch of snow in a Nebraska winter is nothing, but you made it sound like 10 feet), but I could really feel the cold in my bones as I read along. I got the sense from Charlie that he was figuring it out as the story moved forward, and that was proven in the ending.

    As I said, I love this story. It is worth a couple reads, if not more. Well written, Jaimie! Thank you for sharing and pointing me to the place I could get the story.


    1. Thank you so much! I am thrilled that you enjoyed the story. It’s based off a real storm, and although I was really going for the whole crime drama thing, I can’t help but lean toward the supernatural. Thanks for buying, thanks for reading, thanks for commenting. Just made my morning great!


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