Featured Artist – Author Sharon Miner

This week’s featured artist is author Sharon Miner. In the light of ebooks and how they work, Sharon will be sharing how she re-published her book after the rights recently reverted back to her. By adding a makeover and sprucing up the technology, this book gets a second wind through e-publishing.

ENGLE: The rights to your previously published book, The Delmarva Conspiracy, have recently reverted back to you. Tell me a little bit about this story and how it has been changed becoming an e-book.

MINER: Teenager Matt lives on a Maryland horse farm. He learns about the history of the Holocaust and the meaning of true courage when he helps to save his parents from an evil Neo-Nazi plot to take over the Delmarva Peninsula. In the second edition, as an e-book, I changed the cover, Matt’s last name and updated technology – I wrote the story in mid 1990’s when we had no cell phones. I also corrected typos that were not changed in the first hard cover edition.

ENGLE: What made you incorporate the history of the Holocaust in this story?

MINER: I needed an ongoing bad guy, and the Neo-Nazi party would apply for permits to march in holiday parades in Maryland. I realized that there were very few contemporary novels with the Holocaust background, and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C. had opened in 1993. With that and Steven Spielberg’s film, Schindler’s List, the subject was no longer taboo to write about.

ENGLE: How long have you been writing and what tips would you share with new writers to be successful?

MINER: I took a writing course in the 1990’s and The Delmarva Conspiracy outline and first three chapters were my final assignment. After it was published by a small children’s publisher (only three rejection letters) I worked for 15 years as a field correspondent for local newspapers. My suggestion is to take as many writing classes as possible and attend seminars and writing conferences, and join writing clubs that are a good match for your work.

ENGLE: What projects are you currently working on?

MINER: My fifth Beloved Horses book (collections of true short stories about special horses) will be in print in December. That and The Delmarva Conspiracy will be e-books this fall.

ENGLE: Where can readers purchase your book and what social media sites can they follow you through?

MINER: Amazon and Barnes & Noble carry all my books in print and e-books; my site http://www.SharonMiner.com (I now take credit cards); my publisher Infinity at http://www.BuyBooksOnTheWeb.com. I’m the only one who has the last copies of the hard cover The Delmarva Conspiracy first edition. On my website, find links to all my blogs and Facebook pages.

ENGLE: Finally, if you could be a Muppet, which would you be and why?

MINER: Buster the Horse who promotes brushing teeth!

Thanks, Sharon!

Be sure to check out her work through her website and Amazon, and come back to comment after you read her books!

Featured Artist – Author Sharon Miner

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