For the Families of Sandy Hook Elementary

Through the eyes of innocence,

innocence was lost.

By choices forced upon them,

they paid an unjust cost.

Children’s voices crying,

surreal in their own heads.

Voices stilled and silenced

by the Maker of the Dead.


Shattered dreams left broken.

Shards of glass which make you bleed.

Broken hearts united

mourning souls a killer freed.

Mothers, fathers crying,

stuck with questions in their heads.

Who will hear their voices?

The Resurrected of the Dead.


For there’s one who lost His child,

beat and broken by the rest.

He watched His own son murdered

and His heart broke in His chest.

He didn’t reach His hand out.

Nor’d he give His life instead.

He wept, and waited patient,

the Receiver of the Dead.


He wipes each tear that’s fallen.

He mends each broken heart.

He knows each day and number

of our lives right from the start.

He takes each tragic moment,

which will pave the road ahead,

and gives it plan and purpose.

He’s the Speaker of the Dead.


So, turn your eyes upon Him

when the Reaper steals the young,

and see them on His lap

singing all the songs you’ve sung.

One day, when reunited,

you’ll forget despair and dread.

With Death forever buried by

the Victor of the Dead.


Praying for all the families affected by the tragic slaughter at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Sandy Hook

For the Families of Sandy Hook Elementary

3 thoughts on “For the Families of Sandy Hook Elementary

  1. This tragedy is heartbreaking. Thank you for putting to words what all of our hearts want to say. Beautiful prose, I love this poem. Sending prayers to the family, friends, and community of Sandy Hook Elementary.


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