Great Paying Ezine: Mustang’s Monster Corral

I just published a short story to the eZine Mustang’s Monster Corral. The staff is friendly, quick to respond, and even quicker to put cash in your paypal account.


Here’s what they’re looking for:

“We are willing to look at nearly any genre, but we are particularly fond of science fiction, horror/gothic, classic or contemporary/urban fantasy, and hard-boiled “noir” mystery. Note: If you want to write about real-world religion or politics, we suggest you try other markets. Humor is always a plus, but if you get cheesy, you’ll probably turn us off.”

My story will be up in a few weeks, but he’s a teaser to get your mouth watering…


I crouch in the alley corner, panting, heaving, my body drenched, like with night sweats. The dark alley reeks of puke and piss, and I am surrounded by puddles of sewage, black flies, and lights flickering on and off.


I know It is with me.  Though I can’t see It, I can feel It, like a thought on the tip of my tongue. I shiver, no convulse, in violent agitations.  I am so thirsty. What the fuck is going on? I need to get out of here. But It won’t let me leave….

Good luck to all those who submit, and let me know if they pick up your story. I’d love to check it out.

Happy Writing!

Great Paying Ezine: Mustang’s Monster Corral

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