Yup, it’s finally happened…

I published my first book!

I’ve been waiting for this day since I was seven years old, and it’s finally here.

The book titled CLIFTON CHASE AND THE ARROW OF LIGHT is a middle grade, historical fantasy taking place during the time of King Richard III (whose bones were just discovered and verified in February!) during the Battle of Hastings, the final battle of the War of the Roses. It was inspired by the story of his two nephews, whose bodies were never found, assumed to have been murdered by their uncle. Here’s my query:

One boy is chosen to redeem the lives of two others, and discover he is part of something greater than himself.

How could Clifton Chase have known that the stupid arrow he found in his closet was a magical portal to a different time and place? Thrust into an adventure, Clifton must evade the King’s army, rescue two princes from a heavily guarded tower, escape the fierce fires of a Crestback Dragon, outsmart the Mer King, and get the girl, all the while protecting the Arrow of Light. Jeez! But, his journey isn’t over yet. Clifton needs to discover the arrow’s purpose for choosing him. And when he does, he must decide if he is willing to risk his life for the lives of others.

picture of battle

This picture of the Battle of Hastings inspired the story, only in my mind, the boy holding the sword is actually holding the coveted Arrow of Light.

After a year of writing and editing, I shopped this book to over 150 agents during the course of one year. I had 5 full manuscript requests, several suggestions to improve the book, and a final “loved the concept, the writing, the characters, everything, just not enough to sell it,” but I kept trucking.

I had read the saying: THE ONES WHO PUBLISH NEVER GAVE UP!

It became my mantra.

And it’s finally been published! I am so excited about this opportunity. I will update my website regularly regarding the progress of the project. Thanks to everyone for supporting me by reading my blog and stories, & sharing your amazing stories and blogs with me.

Happy Writing!



5 thoughts on “PUBLISHED MY FIRST BOOK!!!

  1. Congratulations Jaimie! I’m so happy to hear that your perseverance has paid off. It sounds like a great book, and I hope the recent discovery of Richard’s bones gives it a nice timely publicity push 🙂 Keep writing! Cheers.


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