Mustang’s Monster Corral: Turning

So, I mentioned a few weeks back that I sold a piece to Mustang’s Monster Corral. The editors on this epub are AMAZING! They returned all my emails, kept me up to speed on publication, and paid me within hours of signing my contract through PayPal. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

“Turning” is up on their site for their story of the night.

They did a great job with the art…very scary.

This story came about when a friend of mine asked me, “Have you ever watched yourself doing something stupid and just couldn’t stop?” I imagined someone stuck inside their own head in the act of doing something terrible, but helpless to stop. My husband had already told me I should write a horror story (to which I told him, NO WAY!) about a guy actually turning into a zombie.

Well, when these two thoughts collided in my brain, “Turning” was birthed. It’s actually the first (and probably only) zombie story every published by this particular ezine. They said it was touching and well-written; a unique spin on the zombie cult story. What an amazing compliment!

I hope you’ll check them out, and if you’re into horror, please submit to their monthly contest.

Happy Writing!


Mustang’s Monster Corral: Turning

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