Is passion the only muse of writing?

I’d like to thank my new friend “PUB(lishing) CRAWL” for posting about this at I felt inspired to share my thoughts with you on the topic of art existing only through passion.

I feel that as a writer, it is our duty to WRITE. Whether I want to or not, or feel like it or not, it’s my job. If I treat it this way, I will create. If I wait for inspiration, it will come less and less frequently. Why? Writing is an action, and any action that is not exercised will become rusty. Imagine a surgeon proclaiming he isn’t feeling inspired today, or a teacher calling out “sick”, a stockbroker not showing, and a grocery store closed because the manager didn’t feel inspired to be there.

Now, when it comes to WHAT  I’m writing about, I believe it MUST  be led by passion. I would not write a novel based off of a trend, or off of a friend’s suggestion. I have found, however, that when I do write things outside of my norm (, writing exercises,, etc) I come up with unique stories that I never would have discovered on my own. Pushing myself, like I would as a runner, not waiting for inspiration, has given me some of my best short stories.

So, yes, while I feel passion is important, I think many writers place too much emphasis on it, like it’s a shrine to be opened, when in reality, some days we just have to write.

What do you think? Is passion the only way to create art? Or can you learn to be creative without waiting on the muse?


Is passion the only muse of writing?

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