Ice fills my heart; fills my brain.

Watched you slip away from pain.

I will not hear your voice again.

How can I ever be the same?


Empty space, what’s left inside,

filled by only tears I’ve cried.

How much more I could’ve tried.

But, in the end, I stood by your side.


Why’d you go so far away?

All I want is one more day.

There is no price I wouldn’t pay,

just to see you smile and say,


“I love you.”


Do you know how much you meant

to all the people you were sent?

to all the places that you went?

for every day on Earth you spent?


For every swing and every slide,

for every game of seek and hide,

for every cold-cut placed on rye,

in all those memories, you’ll abide.


In ‘mani manutz’ and tire swings,

playing Uno, your laughter rings;

all the joy that your life brings.

God let these words be carried on wings:

Moni Manutz

“I love you, Grandpa.”


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