I am so excited to share that I have registered for the June conference in Orlando! This is a super fun KirbyMatthewJconference and I always leave inspired, and ready to tear all my manuscripts apart.

This year, I will be studying under MATTHEW KIRBY!! I am so excited I can hardly stand it. He is an AMAZING writer, and he will be teaching a sci-fi/fantasy track. Too cool! Check him out at http://matthewjkirby.com/kirbside/.

In addition, I will be having the first 10 pages of my manuscript, LYCANS (working title) , critiqued by a panel of editors/agents. What’s it about?

Lycan1Can a boy with an uncertain future and a girl with a mysterious past overcome the forces trying to tear their love apart?

In the realm of Vithalia, a boy is being hunted by a lycan that has already captured his sister. His heart has been captured by a beautiful girl, even though he questions her motives. As a prophecy is revealed, the boy discovers that it is not only his sister’s blood coveted by these foul creatures; they also need his. Only with their blood can the wolves fulfill the prophecy and gain control of the realm. Will the boy rescue his sister in time, or has she already been swayed to the darkness? Is the beautiful girl really on his side, or will he be forced to choose between the two girls he loves?

The conference is June 7th and 8th. You can learn more about it or register at http://www.scbwiflorida.com/

Happy Writing!


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