skive magThe publisher of Skive Magazine is offering a free ebook download of the April 2013 issue, of which I am a part of. My short story titled THE WEB WE WEAVE is among the 200+ pages of this anthology. Click on the link below for a free copy, and be sure to go to Amazon and rate it afterward. The teaser for my story is as follows:

For two weeks now, I’ve been trying to figure out if people are laughing with me or at me. I’m a sophomore, and I’ve just run through my financial aid, which wouldn’t be a problem, except my asshole father claimed me as a dependent to offset recent alimony payments to my mother. Maybe he’s planning on buying his new girlfriend bigger tits with the deduction, because I’m not seeing a cent of it.

“How you gonna cover next semester?” my roommate Becca asked.

“Maybe I could donate blood,” I said through the crunch of Doritos. “Nah, I’m too squeamish for that.”

“Maybe you should sleep with the guy in financial aid and persuade him that you have good enough credentials to stay in school,” Becca said. She was beautiful with dark features, athletic curves, and guys fell all over themselves to catch a glimpse.

“Maybe I’ll cut your hair while you’re sleeping and sell it to the cosmetology school for a wig,” I replied.

“Go ahead,” Becca said, bouncing into our kitchenette. “But be prepared to wake up without eyebrows.”

I folded my feet under my lap and grabbed another handful of chips. “Maybe I can start a nine-hundred-number. Those girls make good money, don’t they?”

Becca carried over two diet sodas, handing one to me. “Livy, you can’t be a virgin and have phone sex.”

Yes, I’m still a virgin. But don’t think I’m diseased or completely disgusting looking. It was a choice I made in ninth grade. Believe me, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to change that choice. I’m pretty cute. I mean, not drop dead gorgeous like Becca, but not many girls are and they still get laid.

Want more? Or wanna see what else is in the issue? Click the link below and take SKIVE for a spin. (oh, and one more thing: the magazine is printed from back to front as an April Fool’s joke, so don’t get confused.)

SKIVE magazine April 2013


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