I have a confession to make: I toil over words. What would this character say? How would that character react? What voice is the narrator? Is there a synonym for this?WORDS

Words are extremely powerful, and I make it a clear point to choose each word with care and purpose in every story or poem I compose.

But, what about real life?

Not so much. You’d think that as a writer, knowing the immense power that words hold –  the ability to make someone laugh and cry, scream in anger or recoil in disgust – I would be even more careful with my tongue when dealing with my husband and my children. I’m embarrassed to say that isn’t the truth. Words roll off my lips like daggers sometimes, harsh and without thought. There is no gate on my mouth. There are no edits performed or critique received before I yell at my children or insult my husband.

Just being honest here.

That’s not to saloving wordsy that I don’t also find the words to praise and lift up my family on a daily basis. I make it a solid point to spend as much time exalting and lauding as I do sharing my dissatisfaction. But, I have to wonder if my life and relationships would be more peaceful if I treated each word that came out of my mouth as delicately as the precious words I pen on the page.

Is anybody with me?



  1. Well said. I tend to say the first thing that pops into my stupid brain, which a lot of the times is the truth, but doesn’t need to be said in the manner I said it or maybe not at all. You’ve inspired me to say more nice things than not nice things. See you are good for something. 😉


  2. So guilty of this. But then again, there are times when I am speechless just because I am trying to avoid saying something I will regret later. Makes you look like a real idiot when you claim to be a writer and yet, cannot string together an eloquent sentence in public. I’ll get it one day! : )


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