This week, I interviewed Sci-Fi author Craig Brummer about his debut novel A New Beginning. The kindle version of the book was released three weeks back, while the paperback came out just last week, so the story is still hot off the press, and really needs a good break from some new readers who aren’t familiar with the author.Brummer is proud to boast of his first two ‘Five Star’ reviews of, I’m sure, many more to come. Take a minute to learn more about the novel and the author:Craig Brummer

ENGLE: How long have you been writing, and in what genre?

BRUMMER: Like most writers, I grew up with a love of reading. My favorite authors as a young teenager were Andre Norton, Robert Heinlein, and CJ Cherryh. I started writing about fifteen years ago and became active in a writers’ group, Dallas-Fort Worth Writers Workshop, when I lived in that area. Most writers are avid readers, and most avid readers have thought of writing. That’s how I became a writer. Stories that inspired me instilled inside a desire to create my own universe and set of characters.  I’ve completed several novels, but A New Beginning is my first novel I felt worthy of publication.

All my writings have been in the Science Fiction genre and Space Opera sub-genre. In the last few years, I’ve started reading a fair amount of Fantasy and Young Adult, so at some point I may write something in those genres. But for now, I’m very content writing stories set in the Federation Universe, of which A New Beginning is the first novel. Although my stories are all set in the same universe, each novel is a stand-alone work.

ENGLE: Do you have a system, such as outlining or discovering the ending first, when creating new characters and universes? Do you ever waver from it?

BRUMMER: First, I do a paragraph or two overview of what the story will be. Then I do a rough outline of the story itself. As the last step, I go through the outline and add more detail, specific scenes or events, special characters, etc. Once that is done, the actual writing of the story starts. I know some writers say the time spent doing an outline is time that could be used to write. I find that with the outline the actual writing goes quicker, so in the end I don’t think it takes any more time to complete the story.

ENGLE: That’s true. I guess editing before or after the story is written doesn’t make a difference. What would you consider the most difficult part of writing, and what advice you would give a newbie writer?

BRUMMER: The most difficult part for me is keeping track of the timelines and making sure the continuity is correct. This was especially important writing A New Beginning as things were happening on three different ships, several stations, and earth itself. You also want to be sure you stay within the “rules” of the universe you created and not just change something because it makes a certain part of the book easier to write. Continuity and believability are really very important in Science Fiction.

ENGLE: Tell me about the book. What’s it about, where did the idea come from, and is this the first one you’ve written?

book cover Craig BrummerBRUMMER: A New Beginning is set in an era where man has just begun colonizing space stations and a few planets. Earth is controlled by mega corporations that rule the political bodies and economies of Earth, much as ancient kings ruled their realms. Kristin Hayes, a young indentured woman, a slave really, is sold to spacers right as they begin their break from Earth’s control.  The story centers on how she gains her freedom and happiness and how her actions intertwine with the policies of Earth and the Federation. The story shows how everyday spacers rise to the challenges that face them, and how a young woman from Earth finds happiness in space.

The story came to me as I thought about how things might truly be if man was able to travel faster than light. But as I thought about that, I saw how modern corporations will play a key role and seek to control space. Then I began thing about how corporations and our politicians are wiping out the middle class. So I carried that thought into the space story.

ENGLE: That sounds very cool. I like the way you included the evolution of corporations in the future. So, where can we buy A New Beginning? Do you have a website/facebook/twitter where readers can keep an eye on you?

BRUMMER: You can get a copy of A New Beginning on Amazon in most countries at  The Nook book is on Barnes & Noble and all other digital editions are available at . The e-reader (Kindle & Nook) version were released April 20th, the trade paperback on April 24th, and the hardcover edition is being released May 20th.

My website is .  I am also on Twitter at @CraigBrummer and Facebook at .

ENGLE: What are you currently working on, if you can share? Will it be published through the same venue?

BRUMMER: I am currently writing the second book in the Federation Universe. The story is set in the exact same time frame as A New Beginning. This time, though, the story is about a young man, 17-year-old Justin Sizov. He is the son of a corporate executive and one of the captains of an earth cruiser that was important in A New Beginning. This story will show what happened on Sol Station during the rebellion, and is very much a coming of age story about Justin.

I will continue to publish in the same venue, that is as an indie author. As an author, I like the control it allows you to retain over your work versus handing that over to the big six publishers. Also, I enjoyed working with the artist for the cover, the book layout folks, and the editor. Hopefully, I will be able to get the same team to finalize the next book.

ENGLE: And last but not least, if you could be a Muppet, which would you be and why?

BRUMMER: I would be the Count, because that was always my favorite character, and I could envision myself as a vampire.

Please support indie author Craig Brummer and buy a copy of his debut novel A New Beginning. Check out a sample chapter at



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