My first school visit was a blast! I went with the cover artist and illustrator, Debbie Johnson

The afternoon started with each of us briefly explaining our part of the project, including what inspired us, how long we spent working, our favorite part of the project, and one kid asked me how many books I was going to sell, to which I promptly responded: ONE.

When it was Debbie’s turn, she showed the kids the first draft, the second draft, and explained all the places where I had asked her to tweak the art. Finally, it was time for the big reveal: THE FINAL COVER IN COLOR.

I swear, my hair actually got sucked into the center of the room, as a collective “AAHHH!!” filled the air. I almost cried, seriously. Then, the kids stood, and began pointing to different characters saying things like, “Look! There’s Dane,” and “That’s Clifton and the arrow!”

And this is why I write. For the moments when I get to see the audience connect with my story and characters. It was AWESOME!

green meadows.Class w.Deb.Bus Tour 081After that, Debbie took us all through an art lesson and had us draw Clifton and Dane (see book tab if you don’t know) and I listened to her instruction, but my art sucked! My Dane looked like a pirate, not a dwarf. And Clifton looked constipated, not smirking.

Which is why Debbie is the artist, and I am the writer!

I hope to have many more class visits in the future. I now have coloring pages, crossword puzzles, and word searches to hand out, and they are available under the BOOKS tab if you’d like to take a peek. I will also have teacher curriculum resources up as soon as they are ready, probably within 6 months of the book’s publication date (which I’m almost ready to release!)

Happy Writing!


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