Behind the Scenes of the Clifton Chase Book Trailer

shooting the trailer
Shooting the trailer in Wickham Park.

We had such a fun day making the book trailer for Clifton Chase and the Arrow of Light.

My husband Jason and son Lucas, my best friend Christine Edwards and her daughter Erica, and my student Quenton and his mother Christine all helped make the trailer happen. When I met Quenton I had already completed my novel, and I couldn’t believe how much he resembled the boy I’d imagined to be Clifton Chase. It was pretty awesome that he agreed to be Clifton in the trailer.

Chris Kridler is the amazing lady behind the filming and  producing of this trailer. Her company is Sky Diary.

Lucas at the trailer shoot
Me and my son, Lucas, the boy who inspired Clifton.

Not only is Chris a filmmaker, but she’s also a talented writer and avid storm chaser. Check out her site for some intense footage and to check out her books.

The song for the trailer originates as a chant in the book. I had a melody in mind when I wrote it. I sat down with local songwriter/composer Mike Meurin and he put chords to my tune, took it to the next level, and produced the amazing original music you hear in the trailer.

Me and C at the trailer shoot
Me and my bestie, Christine Edwards, who is an amazing friend and a talented writer.

The video was shot in Wickham Park’s archery range, where the story starts, and is a visual interpretation of the entire first chapter of the novel. I actually heard back from the park ranger, Jeff Whitehead, who told me that a little girl showed up with her mother and they wanted a tour of the archery range because they wanted to see where Clifton Chase started.

That’s the coolest!

with the arrow of light
Me with the Arrow of Light

Hope you enjoyed the trailer. Please pass the link to your friends and post to your social sites if you like it.

Happy Writing!

Behind the Scenes of the Clifton Chase Book Trailer

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