Check it out…literally!

I’m super psyched to announce that my book is available through my local library. Besides holding the book for the first time, this is the coolest thing that has happened on my publication journey so far.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I remember as a kid walking through the aisles of the library, wanting to read every single book I passed (which I still do today) and dreaming of having my own book alongside them.
I would love to be able to share my book with other libraries, so if you know your local librarian and think they would be interested, ask them to drop me a line at and we’ll see about getting the book out to them.
Reading is crucial for kids, and not everyone can afford new books. I’d love for them to be able to read my book.
YA Library Event Sept 19th 2013 Single Sheet

If you’re local and you have kids between 9 and 16, I’ll be speaking to the Young Author’s Group on September 19th from 4:30-5:45 at the Suntree Library. My topic will be the publishing process. I’ll be sharing a bit about my journey to awesome young writers to show them that anyone can publish a book. I hope to empower them to follow their dreams, and who knows…maybe there will be a future bestseller in the group!

Kitt Kane's classroom set

Last week I had a class visit with students at a local elementary school and their teacher bought my first class set! I met with the kids and talked about the book, answered questions, and we watched the official book trailer…twice.  I taught a quick lesson on how to make a better sentence, and then we had the reveal: 30 copies of Clifton Chase and the Arrow of Light! They were freaking out!

I autographed each copy and while doing so, the kids came over with sheets of notebook paper asking me to sign those. I figured since they couldn’t keep the books, they wanted my signature to take home. But then they came over with ten sheets of paper to sign. I asked them what they planned to do with so many autographs and they said, point blank: We’re going to sell them on campus for ten bucks a piece.
I laughed so hard. What a trip! I told them to let their teacher know how much money they made so I could know how much my signature was worth. And of course, I told them I take a ten percent fee…to which THEY laughed. It was a super awesome day.
The coolest part was seeing them so excited to meet someone who wrote a book. I love that! I’m not a sports figure or a singer or a supermodel. Just a writer. And that’s something anyone can be!

So that’s what’s been going on in my world. I have a few new short stories that were accepted to some anthologies. I’ll post about them in the next few days. Until then…

Happy Writing!

Check it out…literally!

7 thoughts on “Check it out…literally!

    1. You can finally buy it!! Click through my blog and it will take you directly to the book on Amazon. (The link is at the top left column of this site: CLICK BELOW TO BUY). Thank you for following along with me as I go through the publication process. I’m so happy I met people like you because of it!!


  1. Thank you! What an amazing review. I couldn’t be happier, and yes, little tears filled my eyes when I read it. Thank you, Maggie! You rock!! I wish she could be at the young author’s program! Maybe we can get one organized in Georgia and I can come up there to speak. That would be super fun, and we’d get to meet in person! Thanks again for everything, Valerie and Maggie.


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