I was tagged in a blog chain, and asked to answer some questions. I think it’s a pretty cool concept. This chain has moved from Shiloh Saddler to M. S. Kaye, who included me as one of three for ‘tag, you’re it!’

The questions:

What are you working on right now?

I just finished a YA fantasy, DREADLANDS, which is in beta reading stage. I plan to send it into the eager hands of an agent waiting to read the manuscript sometime during the first week of November. In the meantime, I’m 7 chapters in to a YA urban fantasy taking place in Florida.

How does it differ from other works in its genre?

DREADLANDS is a story about a boy who must lead his sister across the realm before the full moon rises. What makes it different from other ‘werewolf’ stories, is that the creatures are called ‘ferine’ (thanks to my hubbie!) and the setting is Viking era Canada, a few hundred years after Leif Erickson.

Why do you write blog-hopwhat you do?

I love fantasy and I love writing for the young at heart. Life is saturated with reality, and when I want to escape into a book, I don’t want to hear about real life problems, unless they are attached to a demon, a magical charm, a mythological creature, or some other element of the fantastic. I write what I love to read. Basically, if I write a chapter and my first thought is: “Oohhh. I want to read THIS book,” than I know I’m on to something good.

How does your writing process work?

1. An idea, dream, fact, or image inspires a basic storyline, usually a beginning, an end, and a muddled middle

2. I just start to write.

3. Shortly into the chapters, I usually get a ‘what if’ thought that brings me to the internet to do some research.

4. After that, I try and write 1,000 words a day, five days a week, until I slap a ‘the end’ on the manuscript. I don’t re-read any of my work once I’ve gotten through ¼ to a 1/3 of the story.

Now for the three authors I’m tagging…

Christine Edwards:  http://christinedwards.blogspot.com/

Bill Allen:  http://billallenbooks.com/

Ryan Gish: http://allmannersofthings.blogspot.com/


7 thoughts on “TAG, YOU’RE IT!

    1. Working on it! I am very optimistic about DREADLANDS finding a home in New York. I think it’s a great story, and it’s received amazing feedback from my harsh beta readers. Thanks for your support, as always. Can’t wait to meet in person! (Remember, it isn’t stalking if you announce it…)


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