Upcoming Publications

I’ve been so busy lately, that I failed to notice and share the new short stories and poems I have recently sold to magazines. I’ll update as the actual publication comes out, with links to buy for whoever is interested after reading the synopsis.

Penumbra Magazine, Family Traditions Anthology – December 1st, “Black Friday” – Synopsis: A satirical tale about Black Friday shoppers, where the protagonist is not waiting in line to receive, but rather to give.

Dr. Laura Program, Stay-at-home–Relationships tab – Date TBA, “An Old Wives Tale – Synopsis: A narrative advising women on the power they hold over their marriage & happiness.

Sacred City Productions, Revelation: The Seals, Issue #1 – First Quarter 2014, “The Priest” – Synopsis: In an old western town, somewhere between here and there, a disturbed man enters Jedediah’s bar. He’s a dead man, come to find out, and his body houses a harlot-demon intent on killing the barkeep. He needs help. A fallen angel gets the call. He fits neither in the demon world he’s trying to escape, nor with his brethren above who won’t let him return. But he was once called Vengeance, and he believes with enough good deeds, God will take him back. After all, “Vengeance is mine,” sayeth the Lord.

Third Flatiron, Redshifted: Martian Stories – Winter 2013, “The FALCON” – Synopsis: Cosmonaut Sokoloff oversees mining on the Mars base where the FALCON, an android linked to millions of nanobots, runs diagnostics and repairs on all the Mars rover’s and mining equipment. But something isn’t right. With the electromagnetic storm season underway, the FALCON short-circuits, refusing to bring up the nanobots and abort the mission. Sokoloff must override the system. He can’t lose his only connection to Milana, whose DNA merged with the nanobots during a failed attempt to destroy the cancer that killed her. Sokoloff lost Milana once. He would not lose her again.

Horrified Press, Tales of the Undead-Suffer Eternal, Volume III – Fall 2013, “As Fate Would Have It” – Synopsis: An old coal miner recounts an explosion in the Kentucky mines, back in 1891. He alone escaped the wreckage, or so it seems. Haunted by the ghosts of the three men he left behind, he relives the cave-in every night. Why won’t they just let go?

Spark: A Creative Anthology, volume IV – Date TBA, “Moonshine on the Mississip” – Synopsis: The year is 1791. George Washington is the leader of the great United States of America. The Whiskey Act, passed by Madison, will tax illegal distilleries, including those of moonshiners. William Lighthouse wants a piece of the action. For far too long, he has been under the thumb of the womanizing, law breaking, shady dealing Captain Eli Cooke, but no more. William is ready to find his life’s purpose. He makes a deal with Lighthouse Harry, the Governor of Virginia, detailing the illegal moonshine trade occurring between Jim Tom, a third generation Kentucky shiner, and Avalon Standslong, the Indian son of a great Chief, negotiated by Captain Cooke himself. What William doesn’t know is that the captain has a plan that goes far beyond double crossing an old-time moonshiner and an Injun Chief. When it’s all over, William will see that his life’s purpose has been hidden inside of him all along.

Strange Musing Press, Romantic Ruckus – Date TBA, “Cauc Boy” – Synopsis: In a small town, a mild-mannered realtor buys and sells houses by day. But in secret, he is the Caucasian Lover, aka Cauc Boy. When Grady Taste steals priceless art, Cauc Boy is called to the scene. Will he retrieve the art in time for that night’s gallery exhibition (and have time for a bucket of beer and some spicy chicken wings)? Or will Grady Taste ruin everything?

Strange Musing Press, Alternate Hilarities – Date TBA, “The Bombastic Adventures of Bob From Planet 9” – Synopsis: Every Tuesday, Bob and Melvin meet for lunch at Flo’s Intergalactic Diner and Bar, the greasy spoon of the Sid Galaxy. They enjoy an uneventful meal, glowing pyerfish, and each others company. But not on this Tuesday. On this Tuesday, two perfectly symmetrical beings called humans materialize and hold-up the joint. After an embarrassing mishap or two, the humans’ firesticks mix with Melvin’s oily tears – on accident, of course – and the entire place disintegrates. Thanks to Bob’s auto-protective gel, he survives, and he is all that remains. What in the Universe happened here? Someone must stop the humans. When a taxi appears out of nowhere, Bob knows there is only one Being who can help him, and he’s in The Capital on Planet 9. Will Bob find the help he needs, or will the answers lead him back to where he started?

Clubhouse Jr. Magazine – Summer 2014, “At the Beach” – Synopsis: A sweet poem of a toddler’s day at the beach.

Diabolic Publications, Ether World Anthology – Date TBA, “English Channel” – Synopsis: Rachel arrives in England. She is testing a new module for teleportation, the first in the history of the world. Only things don’t go as planned. Where is she really? Or more importantly, when is she?




Nightfall Magazine – Date TBA, “The Devil’s Strings” – Synopsis: When you sell your soul to the devil, you may get more than you bargained for.

Upcoming Publications

2 thoughts on “Upcoming Publications

  1. Thanks, Joe. I can’t wait to share a few these stories. I’ve been trying to publish them for several months, and I try not to post stuff unless it’s been picked up elsewhere. ๐Ÿ™‚


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