‘Twas the night before Christmas but I didn’t care.

My stockings were washed.  All I trimmed was my hair.

The candles were lit in a line on the sill

and I smelled fried potato, with sour creamed dill.


The children were tired and fell asleep quick

with visions of Macabees taking down old St. Nick.

And mom drinking decaf while I filled my belly

with some homemade donuts filled with sweet, apple jelly.


The dreidels had spun by the chimney with care

and the chocolate gelt melted leaving fingerprints there.

When out on the drive there came such a noise.

I thought for a moment it was one of my boys.


I suddenly shuttered then put on my sash.

The Menorah lights flickered; the candle lights flashed.

I opened the door.  Won’t believe who I’d seen.

It was the Rebbitzen, and the Rabbi Levine!


She carried some gifts still in bags from the mall

and I helped with my son to carry them all.

And Rabbi just smiled then nodded at me.

So I got him some latkes that were gluten-free.


He entered the house, though not very quick,

and we watched as the others arrived from their trip.

“Ah, Miriam and David!  Ah, Abby and Paul,

Ah, Michaela and Aaron,” then the rest of them all.


We sat on the couches enjoying some wine

and good conversation; a jolly old time!

The gifts were exchanged worth no more than five bucks.

That’s bucks, and not reindeer.  No sleigh, just some trucks.


Rabbi stood to speak (he couldn’t resist)

With a kiss from the Rebbitzen (mistletoe wasn’t “missed”).

From the living room’s middle he talked of the season

the lights and the oil; the holiday’s true reason.


The miracle lasting eight days with God’s aid

remembered each year through the blessings we’ve prayed.

The candles burned out.  The latkes were done.

The gelt was all eaten.  I’d had so much fun.


The blue lights still flickered outside on the lawn.

And I heard Rabbi yell, though I thought he had gone.

“Happy Chanukah to all!  Let your candles burn bright.

Love your friends and your family, and to all a good night.”





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