Okay, so here I go:

It drives me crazy to see so many people suggesting that if you want to write a book, you should just start writing. I mean, seriously???

That’s like telling someone who wants to be a surgeon to just start slicing.


If you want to be a writer, you first need to READ!! You need to read tons of books in the genre you want to write in, read books on the craft of writing, and read the classics. Then, after you get a feel for what good writing sounds and reads like, find a bunch of crappy books and read those.

(I’d be happy to offer the first novel I ever wrote when I was 21 called THE FACADE as a crappy read. It sits happily in a dark, dank drawer where it will remain for all eternity…RIP.)

During this time, you should write thoughts, journal entries, exercises from the craft books, bad poetry, good poetry, outline for your book, dreams, short stories, micro-short stories, and anything else that comes to mind. These EXERCISES will strengthen your skills as a writer.


These are simply exercises to train you. You need to spend a few years reading and practicing before you begin to write that breakout novel.

Most writers agree it takes ten years and three novels before they are capable of writing something worthy of publication. If this is true of the greats, why should you or I be any exception?

I mean, do you want to establish your reputation as a writer by sharing your “homework”? Or do you want to have your debut novel be a polished, professional manuscript?

Basically, would you want an accountant turned surgeon overnight performing your surgery? Or a stay-at-home mom whose butchered a few chickens cutting into you?


So why would you think you could write a novel when you’ve never read or studied the craft?

Any thoughts???


5 thoughts on “SO YOU WANT TO BE A …. SURGEON??

  1. When people say start writing they don’t mean publish everything you write from the second you start. Start writing is just something to get people started, to get people over the fear of failing and not writing something amazing their first time. It’s advice, if someone wants to be a surgeon, they need to learn first, just like to be a writer you need to know a language. No one is telling someone who wants to be a surgeon to start slicing without knowing anything and no one is telling someone who wants to be a writer to write and publish the first thing they write without even knowing a language.


  2. Tom Horn says:

    I must agree, that if you want to be a writer you must write. Write every chance you get. Carry a notepad along with you. Write while waiting in line, or at the doctor’s office. (I have a notepad on my nightstand for bits of inspiration that come at night!) Admittedly, a huge portion of these writings will never see publication, and shouldn’t. But writing gets the creative juices flowing, and allows you to learn from your mistakes. So…Write on!!! Practice, practice, practice!!!

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