The best chance of selling yourself is by doing something unexpected. Catch people off guard and you will break the ice. The other trick is remembering that everyone loves free stuff, so any time you can balance a sales request with freebies, you’ve got your potential client’s attention. With that in mind, I have begun a campaign within my county to solicit elementary schools for visits. I have already completed free school visits at three of the 55 public elementary schools, and feel that I have enough material and a solid presentation to begin spreading out and charging a fee.

My plan of attack is to personally visit one school a week on a Monday, with a call back the following Monday. The reason I chose this route is to allow the principal time to review the package and to give the school a person to associate with the request. I could simply mail or email every school, introduce myself, and request a visit, but then how would that set me apart? The question I had to answer on behalf of the schools, which led me to this time-consuming and costly approach, is:  “Why should they choose me?”

The following pictures show exactly what I have put into my school visit package. When you get to the pic breaking down my services and fees, I’ll explain how I came about the dollar amount and why.

This is the package. I found these on clearance for $0.23 a piece.
Here’s everything inside. My hook is to immediately offer the school a FREE copy of my book for the school library.








This is my introduction letter. I let them know I have experience working throughout the county and give them places to reference the quality of my work.
I based my rate off the county’s stipulations. Under $50.00 and the school can decide without school board approval to bring in a speaker. Over $100.00 and they need the state’s approval, which requires a ton of paperwork. At $45.00 I’m making a great hourly wage, hanging with kids, and hopefully selling some books.
These are pre-order sheets the school can copy, slice, and send home with each child prior to my visit. It explains who I am, about the book, and my prices. This way, I can guarantee some book sales the day I visit.










I included a sheet of “What Others Are Saying” about the book that I copied from comments I found on Goodreads and Amazon.
These are two of the sheets for kids to download from my website…a coloring page and a crossword puzzle. I included these to show the schools that I have fun props and freebies for the students.
This is how it looks when the principal opens the package. Not too shabby…














If you found this post helpful, please consider buying a copy of my book!



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