Caterpillar’s Colors: An Easter Story

A plain caterpillar was strolling alongcaterpillar
humming a hymn; singing a song
when she stumbled on a small town farm
where Cow and Horse stood inside a barn.

Cow uttered, “Mooooo! Who are you?
Why are you here? What do you do?”

“I’m colorful, beautiful and I can fly,”
Caterpillar said. “I am Butterfly!”

Horse neighed in anger, “That’s not who you are.
Your drab and your dull! Now go away, far!”
Alone, Caterpillar inch-crawled away.
She climbed up a tree and started to pray.

Then Caterpillar spin-spun danced all around,
wrapping in silk, which fell like a gown
until her whole body was in a cocoon
and she hung from a tree in her own little tomb.

Cow and Horse heard and came by to see
the poor Caterpillar who’d died on a tree.
“I’m sorry,” Cow mooed, “for being so mean.”
“Me, too,” Horse whinnied. “If only I’d seen.”

For three days and nights butterflythe animals cried
until the next morning when Cow and Horse spied
the grave rumble-tumble, the silk start to tear.
Caterpillar came out and flew in the air.

Her body had lengthened then sprouted out wings
and she looked like a rainbow that summer rain brings.
In sapphire blue, petal pink, emerald green.
Wearing beautiful colors none of them’d ever seen.

“I’m colorful, beautiful and I can fly,”
Caterpillar said. “I am Butterfly.”


Then Horse and Cow listened while Butterfly shared
how Jesus Christ died so their lives could be spared,
then rose from the dead after three nights and days
to pay for their sins and give them new ways.

Cow and Horse prayed on that sweet Easter morn
and like Caterpillar, they were reborn
as new creatures.


Caterpillar’s Colors: An Easter Story

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