Alienation: a short, short story

There must have been thousands standing in the rain that day.alienation image
The stark grey cityscape with glass buildings that loomed like giants high in the atmosphere dripped rain to the streets far beneath. Those standing outside held black sheets to block their heads; a sea of blank faces matching those of the expressionless giants surrounding them. One by one, the crowd gathered spreading down alleyways and filling damp corners, unhindered by the downpour. A handful of brave ones lingered atop the skyscrapers, defenseless, holding scribbled cardboard signs exclaiming their welcome or begging for a lift.
Rain hammered from above glistening as falling stardust where my ship’s beams reflected off. I scanned the crowd on the flat roofs, bored by the naïve begging departure to unknown places or offering their homes to a stranger with secret motives.
I wished I could see those hidden beneath the black tarp, but it was useless.
My mission was clear, and the twin souls I searched for did not stand on a rooftop.umbrellas in the rain
If they walked among the thousands standing in the rain, I could not find them. And I wasn’t paid enough to land and expose myself to these bipedal creatures.
Who knew what they could do to me!
I would have to return another day, when the weather was clear. It amused me to glimpse the disappointment on the alien faces of those holding homemade signs of welcome as they watched me go. What an ignorant race to willingly throw themselves at my mercy without knowing my intentions.
But such was the fascination that kept our kind coming back to the third rock from the amber sun. We still had so many questions about how these creatures were put together, how they could appear identical in form yet retain their own uniqueness, why they did the things they did.
Questions my superiors would await to have answered another day.

Alienation: a short, short story

6 thoughts on “Alienation: a short, short story

    1. Thank you, oh FrankFickle from the Future (Wow, that sounds like a book title!!) No, I am not an alien. At least, I don’t think so. I guess it’s all a matter of perspective. I’m so glad you stopped by and that you enjoyed the story. And thank you for the big smile. Your comment was great!


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