Shrinky Dinks to Market Your Book

I just had a brilliant idea…it happens every now and then.

My amazing illustrator, Debbie Johnson, ( created drawings for each chapter of my book Clifton Chase and the Arrow of Light. While unpacking after my recent move, I  found a few packs of shrink film, which I thought would be a fun summer project for the kids…until I had my brilliant idea.

Clifton Chase Shrinky DinksI printed all 54 images onto 6 sheets of shrink film to create CLIFTON CHASE SHRINKY DINKS!

They are absolutely the coolest. I think I’ll color and shrink some…I mean, let my kids color and shrink some…and leave the rest with instructions for kids to make their own.

If you don’t have images like I do that are in black and white so they can be colored, you could always copy your book cover 9 times on 1 sheet and shrink it down to make key rings, necklaces, or cards to give away as freebies, like I plan to.

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Shrinky Dinks to Market Your Book

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