Book Review: Earth Unaware


The more novels I read by Orson Scott Card, the more I want to be a master storyteller like him.
In “Earth Unaware“, we are brought to a time before Ender Wiggins, before the Formics’ attack, to the first Formic War. The story unfolds in such a way as to show the story world in full swing well before the aliens come into play.
Card has an ability to layer tension and story so I fall in love with the characters and world they live in. I found myself thinking about what was happening in the book while I grocery shopped, cleaned my house, even editing my own book!
I can’t wait to grab ahold of the second book in this series.
And there’s an awesome backstory written by coauthor Aaron Johnston explaining how and why this book came to be. It intrigues me to hear the ‘what if’s’ that professionals consider and makes me feel completely in my element.
Book Review: Earth Unaware

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