BOOK REVIEW: The Gate Thief by Orson Scott Card

the gate thiefIn the second book of the Mither Mages trilogy, The Gate Thief (A Tom Doherty Associates Book/Tor Books), Orson Scott Card advances the story of Wad the Gate Thief, Danny North the Gatefather and the Families of Westil and Mittlegard. Card’s gift is in relationship and world building. The truth in the feelings between Danny and his friends, and Wad and his prisoners and between Danny & Wad are so believable that Card causes me to question the realism of every character I’ve ever written. His world building and story lore are flawelss and thoroughly explained. And I love how he weaves history, mythology, & Christianity into a magical realism novel.
I look forward to picking up book three.
My other favorite thing about Card is that he always takes the time to explain the how and why of his story building. As an author, I am intrigued to read about his struggles while writing his novels, how the character and story grew into organic living entities, and also the challenges of rewriting an already completed manuscript. It makes me feel competent to understand that this job is difficult even for Orson Scott Card.

BOOK REVIEW: The Gate Thief by Orson Scott Card

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