PhotoMcGrathI am so excited to feature Ashley “Ash” McGrath on my blog today. She is also featured in today’s newspaper regarding her new release, UnabASHed by Disability, which you can view here. I really wanted Ash to have an opportunity to share her amazing story with everyone, so sit back and enjoy Ash’s interview:

ENGLE: Thank you very much for stopping by for an interview. Tell me about your most recent book. What’s it about? Where did the story idea come from?

MCGRATH: My autobiography UnabASHed by Disability is about how I’ve lived with a rare genetic disorder since birth. Since I was a teenager, a few people have told me I should write a book about my life. When I turned 25, I decided to do this because I have lessons from my life experiences I wanted to share with others.

ENGLE: One of the challenges faced by authors is visibility in the market. What have you done to bring your book in front of your target audience? How has your book niche helped to put you in connection with consumers?

MCGRATH: I created an author page on Facebook, which I used as a forum to host my book launch party.  I also joined the author program on Goodreads. I tried reaching out to a couple of talk shows. I’ve been utilizing my network of contacts to spread the word about my book.

ENGLE: What is an interesting or bizarre fact we don’t know about you?

MCGRATH: A musical instrument I like to play is the bodhran, an Irish drum. irish bodham

ENGLE: How do you come up with your ideas and what’s a typical writing day like for you?

MCGRATH: As a non-fiction writer, I like to write about issues with which I’m familiar. Because I work in the morning during the week, I usually write in the afternoon or evening.

ENGLE: If you were trapped on a deserted island with one book, one drink, one friend from literature, and one song what would that look like?

MCGRATH: If I were on an island, I’d have the Bible, milk, Hermione Granger from Harry Potter, and the Tokens’ “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.”

ENGLE: Now that you’ve wet our whistles, where can we find your book? Do you have a website/facebook/twitter you’d like to share

MCGRATH: My book is available on Amazon, my author page is on Facebook, and I’m also on Twitter and Goodreads.

ENGLE: If you could be a Muppet who would you be and why?

prairie dawnMCGRATH: The Muppet I would be is Prairie Dawn because I believe we share some of the same characteristics: level-headed, detail-oriented, and efficient. She also likes to write.

I also wanted to add that I’m excited to promote my book at this time because October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month as well as National Book Month.

I will have a book signing from 6:00 to 7:30 P.M. on Thursday, October 23, at the Franklin T. DeGroodt Memorial Library in Palm Bay and 10:30 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. on Saturday, October 25, at the South Mainland Public Library in Micco.

franklin degroot library
Franklin T. Degroodt Public Library


South Mainland Public Library
South Mainland Public Library





ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Ashley M. McGrath is a quality analyst for J.Lodge Corporation and an active member of her church. Receiving numerous awards during her school years, Ashley has a Master’s degree in Applied Sociology from the University of Central Florida. She serves as a board member for the Space Coast Writers’ Guild and as a volunteer in her community. Although she’s only twenty-eight years old, Ashley decided to write her autobiography because she has significant life experience she wanted to share with others. Ashley lives with her parents in Palm Bay, Florida.

ABOUT THE BOOK: Ashley M. McGrath is an example of a survivor. Unable to walk due to a rare genetic disorder, Ashley uses a wheelchair. Despite setbacks including fifteen childhood surgeries, she went from special education to the gifted program in a few years at her elementary school. After missing the seventh grade because of three operations and months of physical rehabilitation, she returned to school with a passion, excelling in her studies and extracurricular activities. Ashley’s academic achievements led her to obtain a Master’s degree from the second-largest university in the United States. UnabASHed by Disability is the autobiography of a girl who learned how to live with her handicaps, overcome obstacles, and achieve goals. It is a story of hope and encouragement for both the able-bodied and those with disabilities.

unabASHed by Disability Cover


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