Signings, Selfies, and Stuff…

November is already starting off great! I met some amazing authors and new friends at the Orlando Public Library’s Local Children’s Book Author’s Showcase. Orlando Public Library SigningAnd then, I began an entirely new trend that you can follow at #Restie, a tribute to the rest of the body that’s left out in a selfie. I really think it will pick up if everyone posts one of their own….the next generation of selfie

REstie Even Christina Benjamin, an amazing YA author (who I will be talking a lot more about in the days to come) is getting in on the #Restie action. Check it out:

Christina BenjaminIf you are feeling daring, post your own #Restie in the comment section or on Facebook, but be sure and link with me so I can see it.

Finally, this Tuesday night, November 4th at 6pm, will be my first radio interview. Topics will include my writing process, status with my agent, and a bit about a shipment of books I’ve just donated to an orphanage in Botswana.  I’ll post a link to it as soon as possible.

There’s other stuff going on, but I think for today these will remain the highlights of the first week of November. Life is good and I feel blessed to be alive!

Happy Writing!

Signings, Selfies, and Stuff…

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