Tomorrow I will be speaking with the 7th and 8th graders at DeLaura Middle School for Career Day. My topic? The harsh realities of becoming a writer. My hope is that after we talk, they will leave encouraged to reach high for their dreams while remaining grounded in a writing related job that pays the bills until their big break. Here’s what I’ve got:


Harsh Reality Number 1 – Following your dreams may take time, persistence and heartache.

It takes more than just knowing how to hold a pencil and a determination to succeed to become a successful writer. Artists, musicians, actors, sports figures, and writers are dream career paths for many. But not all adults working in these fields have full time jobs. There is no guaranteed income from writing, no matter how talented or hard working you may be. Many times writers work for free long before they ever get paid, so it is crucial to have a profession that pays the bills while you wait for your big break!

Harsh Reality Number 2 – It may not happen the way you think.

Your dream as a best-selling author may not happen. You may never be a world famous actor. You may not play in the NBA. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a successful and satisfying career in your field. As a writer you are capable of performing more jobs than you could imagine:

·         Creative Fiction – Write novels, short stories, plays, poetry, children’s picture books, ghostwrite, and write scripts for film & television

·         Creative Non-Fiction – Travel writing, blogging, newspaper & magazine articles, food or movie critic, and film & television scripts for educational programming

·        Non-Fiction – Journalist, technical writer, social media expert, blogger, website content writer, textbook writer, copywriter, speech writer, debater, and grant writer

·        Careers – Editor, publisher, script supervisor, agent, literary attorney, book store owner, librarian, teacher, reviewer

Check out this link for a comprehensive list of the many jobs of a professional writer.

Remember, you can be anything with an open mind!

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Wish me luck, and Happy Writing!!!


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