Sony & The Interview: real world bullying

Okay so let’s talk about bullying in the real world. Not in schools, not in the office, but by the reactions of Sony and their decision to pull #TheInterview from theaters. What kind of example are we showing other countries and what kind of an example is the entertainment industry showing our kids Who look up to them sometimes imagemore than their own parents?

Regardless of whether or not the movie was done in poor taste or how you feel about it personally, the fact is we are a free country and we have earned that status by the death and sacrifice of soldiers and their families. This is an atrocity in my opinion and the worst example of bullying I’ve seen in a long time. Way to go Sony.

#targetbullying #cliftonchasebook #everykidsvoice

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Sony & The Interview: real world bullying

4 thoughts on “Sony & The Interview: real world bullying

    1. So true, Joe. It’s really sad and scary in a way because other countries will see it as a complete defeat and show of weakness, which in my opinion it is. Like I said, I’m not saying the movie was done in good taste but has anyone seen Zoolander? I mean lighten up and give me a break.

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