Digital – Delight or Delusion ?

This is awesome. I feel a story coming out of it…thank you Nihar!!

Makeup & Breakup

“Digital makes things feel more real, like you could reach out and touch them.”

–         Michael Mann

 Delight, Delusion, Writing, Digital Literature Real Delight

As we open the window to the digital world we close the door to the real world… a fascinating irony of today’s world…  Microsoft window has redefined our life. Our working, living and thinking has changed. Technology is the transformer. Windows are no more just a part of our real houses; these have also become an integral part of our digital devices. These are opening up doors to newer opportunities, in the digital world.  A delight!

We are popular social animals, we love to interact and mingle with members of our community. But the paradox is that we have become unsociable with obsessive engagement with the revolutionary social media. Social media enables social interaction of real people in virtual place. We are now living in two different worlds…

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Digital – Delight or Delusion ?

One thought on “Digital – Delight or Delusion ?

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    Have a great week ahead…Merry Christmas to you!!!


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