DAUBER AND POTTER – a stinging love story

In the garden in the spring, a pair of wasps nestles beneath the shade of a sunflower. sunflower

“Dauber, dear,” Potter says.  “We are going to have a baby.”

“I’m stinging with joy,” Dauber says, and they share a toast with buttercups.

“I desire a place of our own,” Potter says.

“But, you’re the queen,” Dauber adds.  “Without the colony it will be up to us to find food and shelter for our family.”

Potter sighs.  “You’re right, Dauber.  It will be harder, but I know we can do it.”

Dauber flies through the garden collecting nectar and fallen fruit juice for his growing family as Potter searches for a larger home.

Potter lands in a mud nest.  “It is big enough,” she says as her slender legs slowly…sink.  “But it’s just too—

—soft.”  Potter flies away searching for a larger home.  She sweeps down inside an empty tortoise shell.  “It is big enough,” she says as she rests her wings.  “But, it’s just too—

—hard.  Potter continues looking for a larger home.  Finally, she spots a spacious house and peaks in through the opened door.  And it’s just—

—perfect.  Potter follows a small boy stepping into the house when suddenly…

wasp on screenSLAM!  The front door closes.  Potter quickly turns but…

BAM!  The screen door closes.  She flies up, and down, then side to side but cannot find her way out.  Potter is…trapped.

“HELP,” she screams.  “DAUBER, HELP!”

Deep in the garden, Dauber hears Potter’s cries.  “I’m coming, Love,” he says.  As he flies closer to the house he picks up speed, charging toward the screen door, until…

SMACK!  He bounces off and hits the ground.

“Dauber, my dear.  Are you all right?”

“Have no fear, Potter.  I will have you out in a jiffy.”

But try after try, (and try he does), Dauber cannot find his way inside the screen. Then, Dauber has an idea.  Intently, he flies to the large box near the door and uses all his weight to push against it.  DING-GONG…  “That ought to do it,” he says, flying back to Potter.  But nothing happens.

“It’s no use,” Potter says.

“I won’t leave you,” Dauber cries.  And just when all hope seems lost…

…the front door rattles.

“It’s an earthquake,” Potter screams. wasps in love

The doorframe shakes.

“Good-bye, my Love,” Dauber stammers.

And with eyes closed, waiting for the world to end, Dauber and Potter feel—

—the front door open, and then the screen door, as the boy walks out and the struggling wasps are free.

“I thought I’d lost you for good,” Dauber says.

“I knew you could do it,” Potter answers.  “Together forever.” And the pair fly, antennae entwined, back to the safety of the garden.

In time, Dauber builds a spacious nest beneath the bird bath in the garden while Potter collects more than enough nectar and fallen fruit juice for their growing family.

As the spring comes to an end, a pair of wasps—and their beautiful babies—nestle beneath the shade of a sunflower.  And though it is harder work, to have a home of their own, Dauber and Potter live ‘waspily’… ever…. after.wasp


DAUBER AND POTTER – a stinging love story

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