Self-Publishing: Going in Eyes Wide Open

Today, I’m featured on Mira Reisberg’s blog, The Children’s Book Academy. I’m so thrilled for the opportunity to share my writing journey, about how self-publishing has transformed me, and a little about booking classroom author visits:

“I self-published my children’s novel, Clifton Chase and the Arrow of Light, in September 2013, after the small press I had been working with breached our contract. Three weeks before my slated release, my publisher bailed and left me stranded. I had no publicist, no idea what to do, and no desire to give up.

I reached out to mommy bloggers, introducing myself as a mom who wrote a children’s book, and many of them agreed to a free review and giveaway. This helped bring national visibility to my book for only a few bucks per blogger, the cheapest advertising campaign I could think of. I received rave reviews and sold a hundred or so copies. Honestly, I was heart-broken that I was no longer a “published” author, but rather a “self-published” author. I lost the passion for my book and my sales slowed…..”

Here’s a bit, but you need to check out her site for the rest.


Self-Publishing: Going in Eyes Wide Open

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