Clifton Chase Showcase: Student Projects From In Class Study

Suntree Showcase 2Suntree Elementary Horizon students under the direction of Kitt Kane spent this year reading and studying my novel, Clifton Chase and the Arrow of Light. The students were instructed to interpret a chapter of the book in whatever creative form they chose and then present these unique projects in an amazing Showcase last week.

I was invited as their special guest to join their parents as they shared what they’d learned from the novel and what they created. Listening to them explain what they got out of each chapter, why they chose the chapter, and seeing how they incorporated the real history and make-believe fantasy into their work brought tears to my eyes. They learned it. They loved it. The brought it to life.

Here are some pictures and videos from that day:

Suntree Showcase 11
Battle of Bosworth Field Diorama
Suntree Showcase 12
Diorama Details
Suntree Showcase 10
Mer-City Palace and Seahorse Drawn Carriage
Suntree Showcase 9
Conch Shell Carriage
Suntree Showcase 14
Ready For My Special Day
Suntree Showcase 8
Minecraft of Clifton Chase
Suntree Showcase 13
Kitt Kane, Horizons Teacher & Amazing Person
Suntree Showcase 7
Searching the Ship For Alfred Mansfield
Suntree Showcase 5
Ship Made From Recycleables
Suntree Showcase 6
We Found Alfred!

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Clifton Chase Showcase: Student Projects From In Class Study

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