Am I A Coward For Quitting My Anti-Bully Campaign?

“Baa Baa Bleat Bleat, have you any bile?
Yes Sir, yes Sir, we spread it all the while.
We take a lie from our Master, push it far and wide,
And wash away the truth with the outgoing tide.
Lies and hate we spread ‘til our victims fill with dread,
We care not a jot that justice shall be dead.”

Pretty, isn’t it – the Twitter bully’s national anthem?

Online bullying is every bit as powerful as physical bullying, and its consequences are just as terrifying. The problem is that people on Twitter and Facebook can hide behind anonymity – these keyboard bullies know that it’ll take a lot of cyber detecting to find the stone they crawl under.

Most online bullying, stalking and harassment begins with the perpetrator taking those lies from their Master – whatever they conceive that Master to be, whether it’s an external influence or their own internal demons urging them on, and then wreaking havoc upon innocent people’s lives.

Online bullies cause stress and intense mental pain – sometimes to the degree that victims resort to self-harm, feel the need to quit social media, and in extreme cases have even committed suicide.

STEWART BINT HEADSHOTDuring my five years on Twitter I’ve seen it all, and it sickens me to my very core. Instances range from petty squabbles and misunderstandings, and nasty and hurtful comments about people’s physical appearance or mental state, right through to the heights of national politics.

Around two years ago I began an anti-bully campaign on Twitter, and set up a List of like-minded individuals. I offered a Twitter-based sympathetic ear to victims of online bullying, simply directing them to appropriate official bodies where professionally trained counsellors could help them.

Often, the people I helped had no idea where to turn, and were extremely grateful that I could reassure them, and point them in the right direction.

However, a number of Twitter users took exception to this, and began to discredit my unofficial work in this field.  In the middle of what I personally felt was a particularly nasty stream of tweets about me, I was tweeted by a user who had approached me previously about an unrelated matter involving one of them. He quizzed me closely about what I said to victims of cyber bullying who approached me. The conversation ended with him saying he was satisfied that I was not doing anything illegal. Well, of course, I wasn’t. All I was doing was reassuring them that they didn’t have to deal with it alone, and giving them details of appropriate organisations who could offer them professional guidance if they wished.

But that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I felt enough was enough, and I abandoned the campaign. There followed a number of tweets saying I had quit my campaign after being investigated by the police. It transpired the person tweeting me was a police officer, even though he did not mention it at that time.

Stewart Bint1

As someone who always sees the best in people (as can be verified by many of my 10,000 Twitter followers) I would like to think that those who opposed my anti-bully campaign were not motivated by malice, and that they genuinely believe the claims they make about me.

But whatever drives their actions, the consequences are extremely hurtful. Maybe I was a coward in stopping lending a temporary sympathetic ear to vulnerable victims and guiding them towards professional assistance….but I simply couldn’t take any more.

Life has been a lot calmer and simpler since I quit.

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STEWART LINT Thunderlands_October 2014


Writer: novelist; magazine columnist; public relations. Previous roles include radio newsreader, phone-in host, and presenter. Married to Sue, with two grown-up children, Chris and Charlotte, and a budgie called Alfie. Usually goes barefoot. Lives in Leicestershire, UK.


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  1. Daniel says:

    Some of the statements in this are inaccurate. You were made aware that the user who contacted you was a police officer, during your conversation with him.
    You have also left out the fact that you claimed to work DIRECTLY with the victims of bullying, and with anti-bullying organisations, worldwide, up to National Government levels. Screenshots of this have been saved by numerous users, where you attempt to exaggerate your position. That is why a police officer enquires about your work. It is also why you closed down your campaign a day later, as your claims were entirely without foundation, and when asked by several users to provide credentials, or details of any organisation with whom you had worked, you were unable to do so.

    With the exception of one user, who did target you specifically, you have not been bullied in any way, although you present yourself as being a victim in order to illicit sympathy.

    It is disappointing that you would use the blog of a well meaning individual to perpetuate your lies, and boast about the number of Twitte followers you have. The self aggrandising nature of your tweets regarding your anti bullying campaign were your downfall, not any form of bullying, with exception of one, over zealous, user, who you had banned from Twitter. Neither have you mentioned that you, yourself,mere suspended from Twitter for harassment, albeit only for a few hours.

    There are two sides to every story. Your post presents only one, namely yours. It makes no mention of the 40 people who have complained about your actions, nor of the number of times you have mentioned users who have blocked you, something which you, for many months, refused to let lie.

    I am sure you will seek to have this comment removed, but the facts speak for themselves.


    1. Daniel, thanks for your post. I believe there are two sides to each story as well, and am happy to share your comment as well. Sorry it took so long to find it! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you’ll visit again.


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