In the quiet city of Melbourne, Florida, somewhere along Highway One, sits the small office of a mild-mannered realtor named Jason Eagle. Unbeknownst to most, are his true intentions, his deepest secrets sealed beneath his hidden identity: he is the Caucasian Lover, a.k.a. Cauc Boy, a mighty vessel which no woman can resist. Cauc Boy has but two weaknesses, Janine and hot chicken wings…

So begins my short story “Cauc Boy” soon to be published in Passion for Puns by Green Gecko Publishing for release on August 26th. Editor Renee Zuchniak has put together the most punny book ever:

passion for puns2

Just as the roundest knight at King Arthur’s round table is Sir Cumference, Passion for Puns is udderly the most punfull book this year. Continue the tradition of age old wit with this collection of ten short stories and one hundred puns!

“Puns are the highest form of literature.”~ Alfred Hitchock

pfp2 green


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