Buy a Book: Target Bullying

Did you know that each time you buy a book from me you help fund my anti-bullying program? Fliers, freebies for kids, gas for travel, and other expenses add up when I’m traveling for author visits or speaking with school boards to introduce myself.

Campus Charter School 1

These kids are dealing with bullying every day. Some of the stories I hear break my heart, and others make me soar.

One little girl told me that a group of girls taunted her daily, even telling her repeatedly that she should go kill herself and make things better for everyone. I was able to encourage her and by the end of my presentation, she hugged me like I was superhero.

Another boy, while we were discussing cyberbullying, blurted out how his dad texted hateful messages to his mother all the time. Teachers were able to intervene because I’d opened the door to this conversation.

It isn’t about buying a book; it’s about changing a life.

I will be participating in the local author book fair tomorrow (Sunday, November 8th) from 2pm – 4pm at Franklin T. DeGroodt Library (6475 Minton Road Southeast, Palm Bay, FL 32908). If you haven’t purchased a book yet, this is a great opportunity to come out and meet, discuss my program, and be a part of helping kids learn about their part in bully prevention. Not local? You can purchase online here.

Thank you for your support. Remember, with #everykidsvoice we can #targetbullying to stop it!

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Buy a Book: Target Bullying

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