COVER REVEAL!!! Kirkus Review!!!

I’m so excited to reveal the cover for my new novel, DREADLANDS: Wolf Moon, designed by Philip Benjamin of Benjamin Studios. And I’ll let the Kirkus Review that follows share the details about the book.

Click on the image to preorder!

A big thank you to the following bloggers for posting the cover reveal (and please, go support their sites…they rock!!)

Thank you all for sharing this amazing new book with your followers!

And here is a selection of the Kirkus Review:

“Arud Bergson lives near the woods with his mother, grandmother, and little sister. His father is a week late returning from a two-day trading trip, but Arud can’t go search for him because the shape-shifting, wolfish “ferine” in the nearby woods threaten his family. Instead, he and his sister, Lykke, must travel alone to Vithalia City and get the protection of their uncle. On the way, they encounter dangers, including a drop down a waterfall and possibly dangerous allies. For better or worse, the enigmatic, beautiful Scalvia agrees to be their guide, and from her family, Arud learns of a mysterious prophecy which may have far-reaching impact, not only for Arud, Lykke, and their journey, but also for all the residents of the lands around them; specifically, the fates of two species could be in their hands. Moreover, many will hunt Arud and Lykke, in order to use them in the oncoming conflict. If they’re lucky, they’ll evade capture until they can make it safely to their uncle; if not, the whole world could be devoured. This would be an unfortunate outcome, as the world Engle has created in this novel is an intriguing one, equal parts familiar and fantastic….”

Click HERE to read the rest.


COVER REVEAL!!! Kirkus Review!!!

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