“The first book in a compelling new series compared to The Walking Dead.”

With a fresh spin on zombies, this post-apocalyptic world will leave you craving more.



Post-Apocalyptic Western (JME Books)

Ages: 17+ – Similar to The Dark Towers and the Walking Dead

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Like all things in Shane McCall’s life, a trip to the grocery store for a gallon of milk should be simple. No decisions required. Especially not the kind he’s forced to make when an old woman attempts to steal his three-year-old son. And after returning his children home safely, nothing would have pleased Shane more than to forget the incident ever happened. That was several hours ago……before the strange man bit a chunk out of Shane’s arm……before the cryptic word showed up on his mute son’s bedroom wall……before the screaming began.



Now Shane and his family are on a race to leave civilization before doomsday takes over and they become the walking dead they’re desperately evading. But others are hunting them too. Gangs form, outlaws preying on the weak with no society to keep them in check, as Shane leads his family through them to the wild frontier in a splay of bullets. Yet, even in the quiet dark of their new home, they aren’t safe as a new magic in the form of a sorceress harbinger bears news of impending doom and extinction. A darkness is coming, a dark force that wants Shane’s children and doesn’t care if anyone else survives.

From the mind of debut author Ryan Gish.


Ryan Gish is an avid reader of imaginative fiction, and prefers stories that invent new worlds or modify the one in which we live in some strange new way. His writing tends to drift toward these areas as well. Ryan’s debut novel, Enthralled, was inspired by his close group of friends, although the characters are complete works of fiction. He currently lives in Florida with his three children.

Professional reviews:

Enthralled is a story that lingers long after you’ve closed the book. It resonates vividly on a wide spectrum of levels that spans mature love, deep depression, and everything in-between, during rather uncertain times. Don’t share your copy because you will long to read it again.”

“A post-apocalyptic dark horror story that haunts. Gish shows the darker side of humanity through characters you can’t stop thinking about. A must read.”

“Enthralled will grab your attention immediately and pull you into this tale of survival, commitment, family and brotherhood. Personally, being a reader that is easily bored with scenery descriptions and wordy background information, Gish’s writing style would not allow me to scan and skim and I thoroughly appreciated how he painted the pictures. This book is definitely a page turner that will hold you tight to the finish. I expect to hear more about Ryan Gish.

*Nominated HWA Bram Stoker Award & Nebula Award Award 2016