MG Fantasy Adventure

Ages: 8+, similar to Percy Jackson, Narnia, Harry Potter

A bullied boy finds a magic arrow that leads him back in time. There, he must rescue two prices from a tyrant king before its too late and he becomes the very history he is studying.

* Awarded a BRAG Medallion and listed as a Top Ten Pick by Kid Lit Reviews. Summer Reading List Florida Department of Education & Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators *Aligned study guide available as paperback or download.

CliftonChase_8.5x8.5_ColoringBook.inddCLIFTON CHASE the coloring book

Coloring Book and Simplified Retelling

Ages: 5+

A retelling of the Clifton Chase novel through coloring pages, which allows young readers to explore and enjoy the story without a struggle to understand the narrative.


Dreadlands_AudioBk_2400x2400.jpgDREADLANDS: WOLF MOON

YA Fantasy Adventure

Ages: 10+ – Similar to How to Train Your Dragon, Icefall, Lord of the Rings

A boy must lead his sister across a Viking realm to reach the city by the sea before the full moon rises and releases the shifting wolves called “ferine” from their binds to the Dreadlands.

*Nominated HWA Bram Stoker Award, Nebula Award, Tiptree & FL Sunshine State Award 2016 *Kirkus Reviewed 4 out of 5 stars

TheDredge_AudioBk_2400x2400THE DREDGE

YA Science Fiction Fantasy

Ages: 12+ – Similar to Maze Runner, Hunger Games

A boy with precognition, who is chased by Regime Securists, finds aid from the underground religious cult called The Network. They believe he is the prophesized savior. One girl believes he’s her ticket out.

* Awarded the L. Ron Hubbard Writer’s of the Future Award 2015

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Professional Reviews

“The writing is very good and draws you into the story. I did not want to leave until the last page was turned. If this is not a series, it should be. Clifton could help solve all sorts of historical problems.” –from Sue Morris, Clifton Chase and the Arrow of Light, Kid Lit Reviews, 2013

“I love, love, love the addition of The Arrow of Light coloring book. What a wonderful idea to help encourage kids not only to read, but to be engaged in the story. I could truly go on forever about The Arrow of Light. This book is one of those that you read and can just feel that you are holding a classic.” –from Heather Fox, Clifton Chase franchise,

“Author Jaimie Engle puts her own spin on this animal-shifter idea, places the story in the cold northwest, bring in tales of Vikings and Norse legends and the god Odin. It is so unique and well written that you will have read the whole book before you know it.” –Michelle Randall, Dreadlands: Wolf Moon, Reader’s Favorite Review, 2016

“Engle weaves Viking lore, animalistic shape-shifters, and coming-of-age adventure into a fantasy epic…the world Engle has created in this novel is an intriguing one, equal parts familiar and fantastic.” –Kirkus Review, Dreadlands: Wolf Moon, 2016

“…the same kind of universe you might meet Captain Malcolm Reynolds or Luke Skywalker in.” –Kasey Girard, The Dredge, The Story Sanctuary Reviews, 2015

“Jaimie Engle brings “The Dredge” to an exciting, unexpected, and ultimately satisfying ending.” –Julianne Rew, The Dredge, Third Flatiron Editor & Publisher

“I think the Arrow of Light book by Jaimie Engle is a good story because it shows realistic history from the past that is cool and sad at the same time. I thought it was a really awesome fantasy novel!!! The time travel was really sudden and I got really excited as soon as the second chapter! I learned that things were a lot different in England back in 1485. In the end, Clifton returned to the present and seemed quite different after the experience. Looking forward to read other books from Jaimie Engle.” –5 Star Amazon Review from 9 year old boy, 2016

Speaking Engagements

Jaimie Engle is available for festivals, readings, book signing events, school visits, conferences, and book club visits.

Books available: Through Amazon and all online retailers. For autographed copies with bookmarks and stickers email the publisher at Recommended independent bookstore: Bookmark It in Orlando and the Education Station in Melbourne.

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